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A20 Wind Up Walker
Product Information
A20 Wind Up Walker (CM# 41429)
Windup Walkers
These little guys give a whole new meaning to pitching from the windup! Our all-new 2005 Windup Walkers bring the fun of windup toys into the ball-park with a brand new contemporary look reminiscent of the first bobblehead dolls! And with a new interchangeable design, you can make your walker go forward, backward, or even sideways! Available in various hitting, pitching, and fielding poses, windups are sure to take the field by storm in 2005...one plastic-footed step at a time!

Made of a durable, sleek proprietary material that accentuates color, texture, luminescence, and intricate detail, our cold-cast ceramic custom designed products are limited only by imagination, and are all hand-crafted and hand-painted. Priced competitively for any level of distribution.

Material: Cold Cast Ceramic and Plastic
Price Includes
Production Time
90 - 110 Days